About Us

Costanoa Commons began with friendships among families who all have children with disabilities. Knowing how important friendships are, we envision people with disabilities, including our adult children, benefiting from working and living in the community together with nondisabled people, sharing everyday life. Instead of further marginalizing them, we want to create opportunities for them to work and share their gifts with others.

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Grow for Life

At Costanoa Commons, people with and without disabilities can participate on our community farm, taking care of plants and animals, and creating friendships with one another that sustain everyone. Everyone needs a meaningful role in life. Everyone wants to contribute and people with intellectual disabilities are no exception. Urban farming brings people together in a common pursuit, where labor can be shared to bring forward the bounty of the earth.

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Mindful of climate change and its potential impact on all of us, Costanoa Commons has set out to minimize our impact on the earth and its climate, while simultaneously striving to enhance food security through local food production. Our community farm strives to implement ecological practice in our organic food production to contribute to a different model of life near Silicon Valley, once known as “The Valley of Hearts Delight.” Our organization is a “Commons” because, at its core, Costanoa Commons is an effort undertaken together.

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